San Luis Obispo, Calif. Apple Store on Hold

Apple had plans to put one of its stores in downtown San Luis Obispo, Calif., but "momentum has slowed to a standstill," according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune. Apple submitted an application with the city earlier this year, and its design was tentatively approved by the Cultural Heritage Committee, which seeks to ensure that retailers comply with the historic downtownis look.

The committee gave Apple changes that were supposed to be addressed on Aug. 7, but the company moved that meeting to Aug. 21 and then asked for an indefinite continuance on the matter. An Apple spokeswoman would only say that "the company had made no announcement about a store for the area."

The cityis economic development manager, Claire Clark, told the newspaper: "As of now, it is in Appleis court as to whether they are moving forward and the timing for moving forward." She had assumed the company wanted the store in place before the holidays, but "that wonit be happening now."