Sandvox 1.2.2 Adds Support for iPhone Viewports

Karelia Software announced on Tuesday a new version of Sandvox, version 1.2.2, that includes viewport settings optimized for iPhone viewing.

The new version also fixes SFTP publishing to CommunigatePro FTP servers, improves the Amazon List pagelet, and adds modifications to collection index pages that allow comments to be supported in both individual entries and on the index page in response to customer feedback. Customizable banners are now included, and Flash support has been improved.

Sandvox is a GUI-based, drag and drop, multi-media Website creation tool that doesnit require the user to know HTML. (However, the Professional edition does allow customized HTML.)

Sandvox was runner-up in the WWDC 2007 Design Awards for best Mac OS X User Experience.

Sandvox 1.2.2 is a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X version 10.4.4 or later. Sandvox is also available in French, Italian, Danish, German, Japanese, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. The Regular edition, single user is priced at US$49.00 and the corresponding Professional edition is priced at US$79.00