Sapphire Releases Four New Volumes Of Photoshop Brushes

Sapphire Innovations has released four new volumes of brushes for use with Adobe Photoshop. The Sapphire Brushes Volumes 4-7 each include 1000 new brushes, providing a nearly limitless array of brush options for Photoshop users. According to Sapphire Innovations:

Sapphire Innovations announces iSapphire Brushes Vol 4-7i - 4 new volumes of brushes For Photoshop 6.1000 brushes for Photoshop 6 in each vol, 4000 new brushes in total

The brushes come in a variety of styles and sizes and shapes from sharp edged brushes to more paint-like brushes.

These brushes can be used throughout Photoshop in artHistory brushes to paintbrush to cloning effects to pattern effects to smear and blur effects or stroke paths to create amazing imagery.

Part of the on-going series of addons for Photoshop 6 that now includes two volumes of custom shapes, brushes, displacement maps, textures, patterns and filters.

Each of the Sapphire Brushes Volumes 4-7 are available for US$20.75. You can find more information at the Sapphire Innovations Web site.