Sapphire Releases New Photoshop Filter Set

Sapphire Innovations has released a new set of 70 Photoshop filters called Sapphire Filters Vol 1. The new filters off Photoshop users a wide range of effects offering them greater flexibility and control over their designs. According to Sapphire Innovations:

Sapphire Innovations, today announced iSapphire Filters Vol 1i.

The filters set consists of 70 new filters for Photoshop. The range of effects is huge, ranging from colour effects, inverse/negative effects, displacements, bar/line effects, warping effects, ringed/radial effects, intereference patterns, oddball colour shift effects, light effects and more.

The filters can also be used in a number of other applications that fully support FF plugins.

Also from sapphire - many other additions to Photoshop 6 from 1000+ plugins to displacement maps and textures, brushes (4000 brushes recently released) and custom shapes and patterns.

Sapphire Filters Vol 1 is available for US$14.60. You can find more information at the Sapphire Innovations Web site.