Satellite Sim Flies By With An Update

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. has released an update for Satellite Simulator, bringing it to version 1.1. Satellite Simulator is a simulation app designed for educators and is based on MultiSatSim, an app used by the aerospace industry. The update features new animated satellites and a telemetry display. According to Princeton Satellite Systems:

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. announced today the release of Satellite Simulator v1.1, an upgrade to its educational and entertainment application for the Macintosh. Satellite Simulator is a highly accurate spacecraft simulation with OpenGL 3D graphics.

The upgrade, free to all registered users, introduces a new programmable telemetry display for viewing TCP/IP packets from the simulator. A solar sail spacecraft has also been added allowing users to simulate solar sail missions to the planets and explore this leading edge technology. In addition, several new sensors and actuators have been added.

You can find more information about Satellite Simulator update at the Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. Web site. Satellite System 1.1 is available for US$34.95.