Saturday From TMO: 100 Mac OS X Screenshots & Setup Tips For Quickly Running Mac OS X!

On Saturday, March 24th (tomorrow), Mac OS X will officially be shipping. It will be available in stores, and it will be being delivered by thousands of FedEx employees. IN celebration of this momentous occasion in the Mac world, we will be offering Saturday coverage for the first time since we launched. We will be publishing some basic Mac OS X setup tips from Wincent Colaiuta, the coauthor of Hot Cocoa, the best Mac OS X tip column anywhere, and the man behind We will be publishing similar instructions from other long-time OS X users as well. These set up instructions allow you to benefit from the blood, sweat, and tears of those who have installed version after version of Mac OS X, and have learned how to quickly set up a new installation the way they like it. Great for new users especially.

In addition, we will be publishing about 100 screen shots from just about every aspect of OS X: the prefs, the installation process, apps, the new Finder, the Dock, and the Mac OS X desktop. These screen shots will make it plain why Mac OS X is so cool.

We will have some other Mac OS X-related surprises for you, so make sure you tune in to The Mac Observer this weekend!