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I love the tabbed browsing feature in Safari, but I hate that you canit quickly save your current set of open tabs before you quit the application. Sure, you can group a set of URLS to open with a single mouse click, but that doesnit help when you have a collection of sites open as a part of an extended research project. Luckily, there are some Safari add-ons that can save the current state of your open tabs for you. Here are a couple of examples:

Saft Saft is a Safari plug-in that does more than save your open tabs and restore them when you relaunch Safari. It also lets you drag tabs to reorder them, includes a searchable bookmark and history feature, the ability to force-refresh HTML, and more. Saft is shareware, and costs US$12.

Saft adds tons of features to Safari through new preference settings.

Safari Extender Safari Extender also offers more than just saving the state of your tabs. This plug-in works as a contextual menu, and lets you turn page images on or off, reload Web pages, build tab sets, and more. This shareware plug-in is priced at $10.

Safari Extenderis contextual menus give you quick access to its features.

Why would I want to quit Safari when I have a fist full of tabs open, you ask? Sometimes Safari gets a bit too cantankerous for me and needs a restart before it behaves nicely again. This happens most often when Safari has been running for days on end - which also means that I probably have a long list of Web pages open, and I donit want to have to go looking for all of them again after I relaunch Safari.

These are only a couple of the available options. Feel free to share your favorite in the comments.

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