Say What? Report Claims Another New iBook On Tap

Initiated by a story C|Net posted yesterday, reports are popping up all over the Internet claiming that Apple may have a fairly major revision in store for the iBook, set to be announced at MACWORLD NY in July.

The C|Net report states that Alpha Top, a Taiwanese manufacturer that produces portable machines for companies like Apple, Dell, HP, and others, has leaked word that they have won a contract from Apple to produce the new machines. Alpha Top spokesperson Wang Hsin-wu has gone as far as to say the new iBook will not only come in multiple colors but will also include a larger screen. According to the C|Net article:

Apple Computer plans to release a larger-screen version of its recently introduced iBook laptop in July, according to the Mac makeris Taiwan contractor.

The new iBook, which Alpha Top will build for Apple, will have a wider screen and come in a variety of colors instead of the white version introduced May 1, said Alpha Top spokesman Wang Hsin-wu.

While the size of the contract, in units, is unknown Alpha Top has stated that the Apple deal is set to add over $24 million to their bottom line.

Appleis order is expected to boost Alpha Topis profit by almost one-third to $24 million (800 million Taiwan dollars) this year, Wang said. Sales are expected to grow by 32 percent to $652.7 million as the company ships at least 690,000 notebooks, more than half of those to Apple, he added.

You can read the entire article at the C|Net Web site.