Scan The Heavens For This Stargazer Update

Ruedi Schmid has released an update for Stargazeris Delight, bringing it to version 5.1. Stargazeris Delight is a desktop planetarium featuring deep-sky objects and asteroids. The update includes new features, bug fixes and a cursor based star name indicator. According to Ruedi Schmid:

Ruedi Schmid, the developer of Stargazeris Delight, the astronomical desktop planetarium for Macintosh, announces the release of the new version 5.1.

Stargazeris Delight, a fully featured desktop planetarium and sky simulator, is a comprehensive and entertaining guide to the heavens for first time stargazers as well as ambitious hobby astronomers.

Specific changes in version 5.1:

  • New 76-page Useris Guide
  • Holding the cursor over a bright star shows its name
  • Stars can now be shown during the day or twilight (stars already (or still) visible are drawn white, others black)
  • User defined locations can be added to the pop-up menu ilocation
  • Improved graphics for the Sun and the horizon
  • Some minor improvements (in Star Search, Length of Day and other areas)
  • Many bug fixes (among others, the transit and the angular distance of two objects are now calculated properly)

You can find more information about Stargazeris Delight update at the Stargazer Software Web site. Stargazeris Delight is available for US$29.00.