Schedule Mac Server Tasks With Ease

Dr. Gerard Hammond from MacSOS has updated his Mac scheduling software, MacAT, to version 6.0. MacAT is a "cron" program for scheduling many of the most common Mac server related tasks. According to Dr. Hammond:

MacAT is a "cron" task scheduling application for Macintosh server administrators. It is a PowerPC application that allows 37 of the most common MacOS tasks to be run daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly without user intervention.

These scheduled tasks include:
Launching Applications, Files and AppleScripts; Quitting individual applications or alternatively quitting all currently running processes; Rename and Delete any File or Folder; Hide and Show applications, Mount remote AppleShare volumes; Copy Files or Folders to mounted AppleShare volumes; Unmount nominated AppleShare volumes; Restart or shutdown the Macintosh, eject Zip disks and send eMail.

MacAT is available for US$49. You can find more information at the MacSOS Web site.