School To Feature iBooks In Wireless Laptop Conference

Mounds Park Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota is preparing to host a laptop conference entitled Learning With Laptops: Make It Happen. The two-day conference will be held the first week in April, and the entire affair will feature Apple iBooks and their marvelous AirPort technology. According to Mounds Park Academy representatives:

Mounds Park Academy, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, will be hosting a2-day conference titled Learning With Laptops: Make It Happen. Eventsdates are Thursday, April 5 and Friday April 6.

You can register for this event at the following URL:

If you have questions or would like a hard-copy of the conferenceinvitation, please send a request to

The sole focus of this event is on wireless laptop computing, featuringApple iBooks. MPA has created a campus-wide wireless environment and hasissued laptop computers to 50 staff members and 240 students, making itthe first school in Minnesota with a 9-12 wireless laptop program.Attendees will be issued iBooks to use during the conference so thatthey can experience first-hand the ?look and feel? of this program. (Ifyou have a wireless laptop, you are welcome to bring it along too.) Wehave prepared 2 tracks of study for the conference ? one for teachers,technology coordinators, and administrators; the second track isdesigned for technology support staff.

You can find more information on the Learning With Laptops conference at the Mounds Park Academy Web site.