Scientific Tool Coming To OS X

Calerga has announced that they will be bringing their multi-functional scientific tool, SysQuake, to make OS X sometime this Spring. SysQuake helps users to understand principles of physics, engineering, and other complex scientific areas. According to Calerga:

Calerga announces today that it will release SysQuake 2 for Mac OS X in Spring 2001.SysQuake 2 is the latest version of the application which helps understandingmathematics, physics and engineering and enables the rapid design ofhigh-performance technical systems. A development beta release is available today to SysQuake customers who want to migrate quickly to Mac OS X and who already run Mac OS X public beta. In addition, SysQuake LE, which offers most of thecapabilities of SysQuake, is available as a free download.

SysQuake 2 provides a better integrated development environment, a smoother learning curve for simple tasks, improved graphics, as well as better support for collections of functions written by users, Calerga or third-parties. With respect to SysQuake LE, SysQuake adds high-quality numerical functions based on LAPACK, the de-facto standard for linear algebra computation; the possibility for the user to add his/her own commands and functions written in C; and low-level file access.

You can find more information about SysQuake, and download the OS X Beta version, at the Calerga web site.