Scientific "Workhorse" App Updated

Synergy Software is proud to release a free upgrade of KaleidaGraph, a graphing and data analysis application for both Windows and Macintosh. KaleidaGraph v.3.5.1 includes new features and modifications to the application for its user base of scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals using v.3.5. According to Synergy Software:

KaleidaGraph v.3.5.1 includes a new Date/Time Axis with full control over ticks, labels, and more. This new feature will allow users to create tick intervals of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. A group of Enzyme Kinetics curve fit definitions has been added to our library of over 100 definitions. Additional enhancements and changes were made for the release of v.3.51.

KaleidaGraph is uniquely positioned in the technical productivity marketplace as the workhorse of the scientific desktop. There is no other product that delivers technically correct graphing and robust analysis at a comparably low price point and ease-of-use level. Equally comfortable in a secondary school or a biomedical research lab, KaleidaGraph can graph a formula or fit a user-defined curve to millions of data points with equal grace. With OLE compatibility, strengths like opening Excel files directly and exporting to PowerPoint make it the essential solution to fill the "scientific gap" in the Microsoft Office suite.

With an eye to everyday productivity, KaleidaGraph provides the ability to design template graphs so a scientist can easily produce plots with the same appearance when generating repetitive data sets. Our formula scripts help automate the process of importing data, creating plots, exporting and printing. Users also value the capacity to meet journal specifications for their graphing output because they can control every aspect of a KaleidaGraph plot.

KaleidaGraph is available for US$155 and upgrades cost US$49.95. You can find more information at the Synergy Software web site.