Scoop Announces Apple Educator Award In New Zealand

Scoop Online has published an article announcing the presentation of the Apple Outstanding Tertiary Educator Award 2003. Presented to Peter Mellow of the Auckland University of Technology, the award recognizes Mr. Mellowis creation of self-paced learning CDs using QuickTime movies. From the article:

Peter Mellow of the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Faculty of Health Studies was presented with the Apple Outstanding Tertiary Educator Award 2003 in recognition of his simple yet extremely effective learning solutions. The National Tertiary Education Manager for Apple Computer, Graham Prentice, presented this award on Friday 5 December at the AUT Akoranga Campus.


Mr Mellow has created a number of CDis that provide a great learning resource; they are cost-effective, easily duplicated and distributed, and give students a tool that enables them to carry out self-directed and paced study.

By creating CDis that incorporate QuickTime movies and interactive Web pages, Mellow has also facilitated a new way of learning for the deaf.

Particular recognition was given to Mellow for his use of Apple technology to create visual learning resources for NZ Sign Language (NZSL).

You can read the full article at Scoop Web site.

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