ScrapIt Pro X Update Gets Numerous Enhancements

John V. Holder Software has released an an update for ScrapIt Pro X, bringing it to version 1.2. ScrapIt Pro X is a utility designed to expand the basic Mac clipboard feature set. The update ships with several enhancements including new search routines and bug fixes. According to John V. Holder Software:

Announcing the release of a new version of ScrapIt Pro X (v1.2)!

ScrapIt Pro X, is the editable, searchable multimedia scrapbook for OSX... and a mini-word processor to boot! Anything you can copy to the clipboard can be pasted and stored in a ScrapIt Pro X file. Need a place to store, sort, display and search all of your text notes, Finder clippings, movies, sounds, images? Look no further, ScrapIt Pro X is the utility youive been looking for!

Changes made to version 1.2:

  • Complete rewrite of Search routines, now works extremely fast and does not open each item as itis searching!
  • Now remembers Find dialog settings
  • Can now drag folders between scrap files
  • Can now import contents of folders (all files and folders within) from the Finder by dragging selected folders into a ScrapIt Pro X window
  • Will now properly remember which files you had open when you quit
  • Many other bug fixes

You can find more information about the SnapIt Pro X update at the John V. Holder Software Web site. The update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$25.00.