Screen Capture Users Offered Snapz Pro X Discount Offer

Users of the capture program ScreenCatcher have the chance to purchase Ambrosia Softwareis Snapz Pro X at a $10 discount. Ambrosia touts Snapz Pro X as the ultimate screen capture utility for the new OS, and is clearly trying to win as many converts as possible while X is still young. From the press release:

Ambrosia Software, Inc. announced today a competitive upgrade offer for users of the Screen Catcher screen capture program. This allows users to upgrade from Screen Catcher to Snapz Pro X at a discounted price, for a limited time only.

"Snapz Pro X is the first full-featured screen capture program to run on Mac OS X," comments Ambrosiais el Presidente, Andrew Welch...."Thus we are offering registered Screen Catcher users a discounted upgrade path to Snapz Pro X."

Registered users of Screen Catcher can upgrade to Snapz Pro X for just $19 -- thatis $10 off of the normal price. Screen Catcher users can also upgrade to the advanced QuickTime movie capture features of Snapz Pro X for $39 (once again, $10 off of the normal price).

You can find more information on Snaps Pro X at Ambrosiais Web site; likewise for more details on the companyis special offer.