Screen Catcher Now Plays Nice With BBEdit

St. Clair Software has updated their powerful screen-shot utility, Screen Catcher, to version 2.3.4. Screen Catcher allows users to take pictures of their screen, and even automatically scrolls through windows to allow the entire contents of "long" windows to be viewed. The latest version corrects a bug that caused BBEdit 6.1 to crash. According to St. Clair Software:

St. Clair Software announced today that version 2.3.4 of their popular screen snapshot utility, Screen Catcher, has been released.

Screen Catcher 2.3.4 corrects a problem in the Screen Catcher Extension that could cause BBEdit 6.1 to crash. Additional scripting options have also been added, providing AppleScript control of Screen Catcheris automatic image scaling features.

Screen Catcher is a screen capture application capable of taking snapshots of screen images and saving them as PICT, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, Photoshop, SGI, MacPaint,TGA, and QuickTime files. It also allows images to be captured to the clipboard, the printer, or to Screen Catcheris own windows, where they can be manipulated to change the color palette or reduce the number of colors in the image before copying, printing, or saving.

Catch-All mode automatically scrolls to capture entire documents:
Screen Catcher offers a unique feature called "Catch-All", which scrolls the contents of a window to capture images that are longer than your screen!

Screen Catcher is available for US$25. You can find more information at the St. Clair Software Web site.