Screen Savers? We Don't Need No Stinking Screen Savers

Dragon Software has released a new version of their system power management utility, Power Manager. Power Manager lets users extend the ability of Appleis Energy Saver control panel. According to Dragon Software:

Power Manager is a system addition for the Macintosh. Power Manager extends the capabilities of the Energy Saver control panel.

With Power Manager your Macintosh can be scheduled to start up and shut down each day without any human interaction. Power Manager enhances access to the Energy Saver functionality of the Macintosh.

Release 2000 features include:

  • Schedule multiple start up and shut down events each day
  • Independent control over each day of the week
  • Enhanced access to sleep and idle time settings
  • Example and template AppleScripts
  • New iSupport menu
  • Updated manual
  • Extensive Balloon Help
  • Reduced file size

Power Manager is available for US$40. You can find more information at the Dragon Software web site.