Screensaver Utility Released From Script Software

Script Software is now shipping PhotoCircus for Mac users. PhotoCircus is a screensaver utility designed for creating custom slide shows of a users images and digital photos. The app ships with custom presets and can be set for random or sequential display. According to Script Software:

PhotoCircus Essential OS X Screensaver for Digital Photographers Released.

PhotoCircus is a slideshow screensaver for Mac OS X that is a wonderful display medium for anyone with a digital camera. It can show off all your photos or art sequentially or randomly.

PhotoCircus can display your images inside a frame. Any imaginable frame (like a picture frame, jail bars, a tv set, etc.) can be created and used by PhotoCircus. PhotoCircus also has these features:

  • Excellent, easy to use interface
  • Able to show background or foreground (frames) alpha channel images (sample images included)
  • Set background color for text and background if no background image
  • Optionally display image annotations, file name and/or custom message with the images
  • The next version is on the way with some really interesting new features and more to come...

PhotoCircus is an evolving application that will have more features over time. The next update is already on the way. We enjoy hearing comments and suggestions.

You can find more information about PhotoCircus release at the Script Software Web site. PhotoCircus is available for US$20.00.