Script Software Shipping Easy Card Creator

Script Software has released a new app, Easy Card Creator 1.0. Easy Card Creator is a card creation app designed for making greeting cards. The app ships with drag-and-drop support for images and prints the cards sized for envelopes. According to Script Software:

Create greeting cards for all occasions effortlessly using your own photos via drag and drop. Then email or print them with an envelope that is a perfect fit.

Isnit it wonderful when someone remembers your birthday or anniversary and sends you a card? It makes you feel good that someone loves you enough to do that and in turn you have good feelings for the person sending that card.Everyone likes getting a card, especially a hand made card but who has the time to do that in this day and age?

The answer is a new program called Easy Card Creator. It make creating a greeting card quick and effortless. It also becomes a lot of fun.

Easy Card Creator can print out a greeting card and also an envelope just the right size to hold the card. Easy Card Creator also lets you send the card as email which can be very important when a physical card sent through the mail wonit make it in time.

You can find more information about the Easy Card Creator release at the Script Software Web site. Easy Card Creator is available for US$30.00.