Script Software Shipping Easy Card Creator

Script Software has released a new app, Easy Card Creator 1.0. Easy Card Creator is a card creation app designed for making greeting cards. The app ships with drag-and-drop support for images and prints the cards sized for envelopes. According to Script Software:

Create greeting cards this holiday season with Easy Card Creator for Mac OS X. Its simple to use your own digital pictures to create attractive and personal cards. Easy Card can also create envelopes that can be printed out, cut and folded and hold the cards perfectly for mailing.

Version 1.1.1 changes:

  • a option for printing on the inside of single fold cards
  • converts images to JPEG when manually selecting them
  • POP before SMTP authentication method
  • when pressing ienteri close text object
  • Less likly to crash when no image has been found
  • prevented a straight horizontal or vertical line
  • the assistant didnit always enable the "OK" button
  • when a image can not be opened in the assistant it used to crash!
  • when no file is selected and send a e-mail, it used to crash
  • changed the print thread, printing time has been reduced greatly
  • help checker to try and catch help bug that is crashing machines
  • the Base64 converter, should be more reliable
  • moved temporary folder to users preferences folder

You can find more information about the Easy Card Creator release at the Script Software Web site. Easy Card Creator is available for US$30.00.