Scripting Matters Holding AppleScript Seminars This Summer

Scripting Matters, Inc. is holding a new seminar for Mac software developers. The seminars will cover the AppleScripting environment designed for creating Mac based applications. Hosted by Shane Stanley and Ray Robertson, topics will include new GUI scripting abilities and full days of QuarkXPress and InDesign scripting. According to Scripting Matters:

A unique opportunity to learn more about AppleScript is coming back to Monterey, CA, June 2-6. Shane Stanley of Myriad Communications of Melbourne, Australia, and Ray Robertson of Scripting Matters of Atlanta are teaming up to offer five days of AppleScript Pro Sessions.

Suited for both beginning and experienced scripters, the class emphasis is on practical scripting information you can use across a range of applications.

You can find more information about the AppleScripting seminars at the Scripting Matters, Inc. Web site. Registration is priced at US$400.00 per day with discounts for earlybird and full seminar purchases.