Seagate Announces New Drives, Including 1", 5GB Model

Hitachi Global Storage, makers of the 1.68" hard drive at the heart of Appleis popular iPod mini, has been having a tough time keeping up with demand. According to TechWeb News, Hitachi will have some competition in the 1" drive market as Seagate has announced it will offer a variety of hard drives, including a 5GB, 1" model. From the article:

Seagate is also targeting additional consumer applications that are taking off. The Seagate ST1 Series is the first drive for hand-held applications that delivers a 5GB capacity that can be used for online music downloading. Seagate expects to be able to cash in on the exploding music downloading craze lead by Apple Computeris iPod Mini music player with the ST1 Series. As it is, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has been the leader in the 1-inch disc drive area, but it canit keep up with demand for the mini drive.

Other new drives include a half-Terabyte fibre channel drive, and a 400 GB ATA drive. Thereis more information in the full article at TechWeb News.