Seagull Video Player Update

Trinfinity Software has released an update for Seagull Video Player, bringing it to version 1.2. Seagull Video Player is a full screen customizable video player utility designed for the creation and execution of video playlists. The update has several enhancements including selectable viewing size and drag-and-drop file support. According to Trinfinity Software:

Trinfinity Software released today an update to Seagull Video Player, the innovative video player that allows users to create a playlist of their video files and play them full screen.

This update contains a number of new features, including the choice of viewing videos at 50%, 100%, or 200% of their original size or the maximum size that will fit on the screen. Users can also choose to have the video window centered on screen at all times. Seagull Video Playeris Playlist window now accepts Drag-N-Drop of files and folders.

You can find more information about the Seagull Video Player update at the Trinfinity Software Web site. Seagull Video Player 1.2. is available for US$19.95.