Seapine Shipping QA Wizard 1.5

Seapine Software, Inc. is now shipping QA Wizard 1.5 for Web developers. QA Wizard is a quality assurance tool designed for the automatic debugging and script testing of code. According to Seapine Software:

Seapine Software, Inc. extended its line of software lifecycle management products to include automated
testing with the immediate availability of QA Wizard version 1.5.

QA Wizard eliminates the complexity and reduces the learning curve that has traditionally hindered the rapid deployment of automated testing tools. Its advanced scripting environment allows the production of test scripts 6 to 22 times faster than currently available tools.

QA Wizard replaces the traditional language-based scripting interface employed by such products as Mercury Interactive’s WinRunner and Rational’s Rational Robot with an error-free point-and-click interface.

This new approach to script development dramatically reduces the cost of automated testing by lowering the time it takes to build test scripts, allowing non-programmers to write scripts, and eliminating script debugging from the process.

You can find more information about the QA Wizard release at the Seapine Software, Inc. Web site. QA Wizard is available as a bundle with TestTrack Pro for US$3,995.00.