Seapine Software Updates TestTrack Pro And Surround SCM

Seapine Software, Inc. has released an update for TestTrack Pro, bringing it to version 5.1, and Surround SCM, bringing it to version 1.2. TestTrack Pro is a defect tracking management tool designed for manufacturing applications. Surround SCM is a software change management app designed for software development arenas. The updates feature several new enhancements including improved security and speed. According to Seapine Software:

Seapine Software, Inc., a leading provider of software development lifecycle management solutions, today announced the synchronized release of TestTrack Pro 5.1 and Surround SCM 1.2.

TestTrack Pro 5.1, Seapine&Mac226;s comprehensive defect tracking and change request management solution, now includes a bulk field change feature that enables users to change field values for multiple defects from a single window. Other major enhancements to TestTrack Pro augment the security options available to users and system administrators.

Surround SCM 1.2, Seapine&Mac226;s rapidly maturing source control tool, is equipped with additional security restrictions at the repository level. Administrators can apply these options globally across all branches or individually at each specific branch.

Another new Surround SCM feature is the ability for encrypted and compressed data transfer. Compressed data transfers can improve the performance of accessing the repository over slow data connections. Data encryption also makes it more difficult for hackers to gain access to a company&Mac226;s source code by intercepting the TCP/IP data packets passed between the client and the server. Version 1.2 is also noticeably faster than previous versions of Surround SCM.

You can find more information about the TestTrack Pro and Surround SCM updates at the Seapine Software, Inc. Web site. TestTrack Pro 5.0 is available starting at US$209.00 per deployment, and Surround SCM is available for US$395.00