Search Engine Built On OS X Based Computers

The new search engine Web site,, has been running in beta format for roughly two months. The interesting thing about With1Click is that it is built entirely on Mac OS X products...including OS X Server and OS X Public Beta. According to With1Click:

With only two months on-line, the beta directory has exceeded initial expectations. "We built specifically to demonstrate our technology and to garner consumer response. Our entire concept was designed on Mac servers running MacOS X Server and Public Beta, and we started getting the word out to the Mac community from the first day. Itis very gratifying to see such supporting and avid responses. Weive had nearly 150,000 unique visitors in just the first eight weeks, with a great many of them from Mac site referrals," said Stephen Oachs, Co-founder & CTO. "Itis exciting to see that 30% of our users conducted their search directly from the browser address bar. The public is validating how well our technology works--and the Macintosh community has given us very favorable support. Weire very pleased and grateful to everyone who continues to support us."

With1Click, Inc. designed and launched their beta site on Apple Computeris latest Operating System, MacOS X. The main purpose behind the beta site is to publicly demonstrate their innovative "any browser" search enhancement technology the only address bar search that provides immediate and completely relevant results. This type of search works in part by going beyond "traditional" search tools and enhancing the ability to more objectively and efficiently search databases. "Initially we developed the core foundations of our technology on the Mac platform and have since migrated many variations of it to other platforms such as Linux and even NT. We chose to develop on the OS X platform first because it allowed our team of designers and programmers to work together seamlessly," Oachs said.

This innovative search technology is particularly welcome news for companies interested in improving e-commerce. Studies show fewer than two percent of on-line shopping visits actually result in purchases, since nearly half of all Web shoppers arenit able to find the products theyire searching for. By using With1Click technology, on-line merchants have the ability to direct users instantly to products and related information. This will effectively decrease the percentage of abandoned transactions, as well as the frustration voiced by so many users.

Their technology was developed to operate parallel to existing HTTP Internet architecture, allowing for seamless integration to existing systems and universal compatibility for users. The application of this revolutionary technology will enhance any search ability, allowing users to search their favorite on-line retailer from any place on the Web, from any browser . . . and that is precisely the With1Click vision.

You can find more information at the With1Click Web site.