Search Engine Updated, New Features Added

With1Click has updated their location and Web site, and are now offering users even more reliable search results and a host of personalized features. With1Click is a powerful yet simple search engine that offers easy access to searches without the need to visit the With1Click Web site. The site itself, however, offers a variety of categories and quick search links to assist you. According to With1Click:

Weill start with the basics of a With1Click search... You type your search directly into any Internet browser location/address bar (where you would type in a siteis URL). The cool part is, you donit type in the www, you type your search--and you can use ANY word or word combinations! Whatever youire looking for, type it right in!!

For example:


You donit have to memorize a specific site address, or particular "magic" keywords. Simply type what youire looking for!

With1Click is very happy to announce that our move to a larger facility is complete! We took advantage of the move and made a few upgrades, and now weire better than ever!

Why the move? Well, to continue to grow we knew weid have to eventually move to new facilities. Since we had the opportunity to make a very advantageous move, we decided to do some upgrades while we were at it, in order to prepare for some of the "very cool" new features and enhancements we have planned.

We apologize for any inconveniences our transition may have caused. is fully on-line with all features and functions running smoothly. During the change, we heard from many of you, and we appreciate your concern and incredible loyalty! We look forward to continuing to provide you with the relevant search results youive come to expect from the only any-browser-bar search available!

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You can register for an account, and find more information, at the With1Click Web site.