Seattle Times: Macs Languish Next to iPod

Mac sales, said the Seattle Times in an article, are languishing next to the hot-selling iPod. The newspaper published a fairly in-depth article looking at the current mix of Appleis product line, effectively questioning (but not ruling out) the so-called "iPod Halo Effect" in the process.

Reporter Wendy Tanaka noted that some analysts are bullish on the idea that Appleis Mac sales could receive a boost from iPod-based Switchers. To counter that, however, she said that Appleis current share of the personal computer market is currently at an all-time low.

In an anecdotal examination of the subject, she said "several shoppers at the Apple store at a shopping mall in King of Prussia, Pa., doubted that the iPodis success would translate into broader Apple sales. They were there for the iPod, period, and had no intention of giving up their Microsoft Windows-based computers, which overshadow Appleis iMac and G5 computers in the marketplace."

The full article offers much more detail, including a look at whether or not Apple is repeating mistakes from the past, Appleis strong history of innovation, and issues that will factor into whether or not Apple can maintain its lead in the music player business.