Seattle Times Offers Interesting Look At Apple's Windows Strategy

With Apple riding tall in the saddle these days, with iTunes for Windows and the iPod outselling all other MP3 players, what of the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft? The Seattle Times has posted an interesting look at the current state of affairs between the Big Redmond and folks in Cupertino. The article, Apple singing a new song with iTunes, offers some interesting insight to the current issues between the two sometimes-friends, but more often rivals. From the article:

The iTunes rollout showed just how much times have changed. There was no pretense of alliance with Microsoft or Windows. Microsoft said it was not invited to the event.


To some extent, the companiesi strategic gamesmanship continues. Microsoft recently announced it will no longer upgrade Internet Explorer for the Macintosh — the grounds being that Apple now offers its own browser, Safari. Microsoftis new Outlook mail upgrade focuses on managing spam, an area where Appleis OS X mail program has garnered considerable praise.

Apple doesnit offer as powerful a suite as Microsoftis Office (one has been periodically rumored). But its AppleWorks package integrates most desktop-productivity functions and continues to improve.

While desktop competition may be continuing, Appleis iTunes snub reflects a new digital world order. The personal computer, albeit still vital, is just one of many moving parts in Appleis strategy.

Thereis more information in this very interesting article, so stop by the Seattle Times for a read.