Second Generation TV/FM Tuner Released

Formac Electronic Inc. has announced that it is now offering ProTV Stereo, its second generation TV/FM Tuner and Video Capture Card. ProTV Stereo comes with a variety of new tools for creating and editing live streaming Web videos, and enables multimedia enthusiasts to turn their PCI-based Mac into a TV/VCR viewing and editing system. According to Formac:

The ProTV Stereo brings a new level of capability to the world of television viewing, video capturing and Web casting.  The TV tuner easily connects via antenna or cable and is capable of receiving a total of 125 TV channels with automatic channel identification. A special zapping feature allows users to preview the complete channel program at one glance. In addition to its multiple channel capability, the ProTV Stereo supports PAL, SECAM, and NTSC signals in separate versions and comes with a built-in FM Stereo Tuner. Formacis new card also provides enhanced recording of stereo audio via the PCI Bus. Audio files now can easily be captured in CD quality.

ProTV Stereo has also boosted the performance and affordability of TV and video capture cards to another level. Itis main advantage over USB devices is that it supports a fully capable DMA PCI Bus Master technology. This allows much higher data transfer rates to the CPU without using the processor unit, thus increasing processing speed. Compared to USB devices the ProTV Stereo does not limit screen resolution for playback or recording and works without YUV-color coding and data compression. Therefore, it provides far superior and seamless video quality at the highest resolutions possible.

ProTV Stereo captures Stills and QuickTime movies up to 30 frames per second at full screen resolutions and supports movie formats of 4:3, 16:10, 16:9 and 2.35:1. The card comes with a full complement of video-in antenna, S-Video, and Composite video, audio-out and power plug for camcorders.

With ProTV Stereo Formac has also taken into account the increasing demand for multimedia content in the Web. The card comes bundeled with Adobe Premiere 5 LE and a variety of other software and hardware tools to create, store, publish and view web enabled digital video easier and more affordably than ever before. The QuickTime webstreaming feature allows users to convert video input into a compressed format to provide live streaming in the Web.

ProTV Stereo is available for US$149 and you can find more information about it at Formacis site.