SecureMac Adds More Security Products Listings

SecureMac has announced a site update with new software and versions. Deus Lock Master, ShredIt and FreeGuard are now listed. According to SecureMac:

Deus Lock Master was discovered on VersionTracker. This is a user authentication program, when your Mac OS boots up the program will prompt the user for a login and password. If the login and password the user specifies is incorrect three times the computer will shutdown. See our rating and why.

So many passwords, so much to remember. One thing you should remember is to not use the same password twice. Stickies notes on your monitor can be a rather insecure place to keep passwords, sure you think its my home, who is going to see them! Be sure and be secure. The program iKeeper is a password - information storage for your computer. By remembering one central password you can store all your login information in one place. To ensure extra security, recommends keeping the datafile on a PGP Disk.

ShredIt 4.8 is out and has been reviewed. This application is to be used to shred your files you do not want recovered. When you delete your files they can be recovered with special software, using a program like ShredIt makes your files you want deleted unrecoverable by standard software.

FreeGuard is a Free program that will hide/unhide your programs with a required password. This is not a secure method of hiding information, the program was based on the theory "if they do not know its there, they wont look for it". This program does need to be noticed because there are competitive products that charge up to $60.00 for the same technology.

You can find more information (including pricing) about Lock Master, iKeeper, ShredIt, and FreeGuard at