Secure Some E-Privacy: NetShred X Updated With More Browsers

The Mireth Technology Corporation has released an update for NetShred, bringing it to version 3.5. NetShred is an internet privacy utility designed to prevent a history trail being created in a users browser and email. The update features support for Firefox and Camino browsers. According to The Mireth Corporation:

Mireth Technology has released version 3.5 of NetShred X, itis popular privacy utility that automatically shreds Web browser cache, browser history files, download cache, email trash and Apple junk mail.

Version 3.5 adds support for two more browsers - Firefox and Camino, as well as shredding Safari icons.

You can find more information about the NetShred update at the Mireth Technology Corporation Web site. NetShred 3.5 is free for registered users, while the full version available for US$19.95.