SecuriKey Offers Multi-Factor Authentication & Encryption for Leopard

GT Security announced version 2.1 of its SecuriKey system on Tuesday. The new version supports Leopard with multi-factor authentication and 128-bit AES encryption.

The product works essentially as an "ignition key," according to Bennett Griffin, the CEO of GT Security. After the user inserts the token in any available USB slot and enters the correct password, access to the computer is granted. SecuriKey v2.1 also includes the SecuriKey Encrypted Volume for maximum data protection. The SecuriKey Encrypted Volume utilizes industrial strength AES (128-bit) encryption to protect important information. It functions as a second, fully encrypted hard drive and it can only be opened with the combination of the correct SecuriKey USB Token and the correct password.

SecuriKey 2.1 is available in both a single user edition, SecuriKey Professional and the SecuriKey Pro Multi-User edition for group deployments. Both editions support Leopard as well as Tiger.

SecuriKey Pro for Macintosh is priced at US$129.00.