Security Firm Finds Flaws In QuickTime

Security firm eEye has found some unspecified security flaws in Appleis QuickTime. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that eEye has found "critical vulnerabilities" in QuickTime, as well as more flaws in Windows. The nature of the flaw was not revealed, however, as eEye reports its flaws to the vendor, and waits for a patch before making its findings public.

eEye most recently made news at TMO in a piece about Microsoft taking more than 200 days to patch a Windows flaw that eEye had found. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Apple was notified of the QuickTime flaws 11 days ago.

Security firm eEye Digital Security has discovered critical vulnerabilities in Appleis QuickTime software and in various IBM personal computers which could lead to remote compromise of systems.

Particulars of the vulnerabilities have not been released in keeping with eEyeis policy of informing a vendor about a bug and then waiting until a patch is ready before releasing details.

Thereis more information in the full article at the Sydney Morning Heraldis Web site.