Security Software Vendors Add Sony to Their List

Anti-virus and security software vendors, including Symantec, are now labeling Sony BMGis digital rights management (DRM) software as spyware and a security threat. Even Microsoft is treating the DRM as spyware, according to InfoWorld.

The security vendors are making tools available to remove Sonyis DRM tools, but none yet are available for the Mac.

Sonyis DRM problems are growing, now that it seems SunnCommis MediaMax, the copy protection software it installs in Mac OS X, is also being installed in Windows, as well. Sonyis public statement currently addresses only the XCP copy protection scheme.

Mac users have it a little better than their Windows counterparts in this case. Sonyis DRM software takes advantage of the Windows auto-run option, allowing the code to be installed with almost no user intervention. The Mac version of the DRM software, however, must be installed by double-clicking an application, then providing administrator authorization before the installation completes.

Sonyis actions are sure to have repercussions throughout the music industry. Growing resentment from consumers, coupled with the watchful eye of industry and security experts, will likely make other recording labels more closely evaluate their copy protection plans.