See-through Stickies

Appleis Stickies application is handy for storing quick notes and other bits of information, but those note windows can get in the way of everything else on your Macis Desktop. If you need to see the contents of a Stickie window and also see whatis behind it, just make the window see-through. Hereis how:

  • Select the Stickie window you want to see through.
  • Choose Note > Translucent Window.

Use the Stickies Note menu to enable translucency.

You canit set the level of translucency for Stickie windows, but you can activate translucency on a window-by-window basis.

This see-through stickie is floating over a document window.

The Stickies translucency feature is useful if you also set individual windows to float above other applications. You can keep reference information in a Stickie visible while working unobstructed in another application below the Stickie window.

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