See iSight, More In Action at C|Net News Video Archive

Since Steve Jobsis keynote at this yearis World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) Mac mavens have been chomping at the bit to get a peek at Panther, the new Power Mac G5s, and maybe see iSight go through its paces before laying out US$149.

Checking out iChat AV is easy, just download the preview from Apple. Still, it would be nice to actually see iChat AV work, especially with the new iSight camera.

Getting a peek at Panther and the new G5 Mac is a bit tougher. Neither are widely available yet, so odds are you wonit see either in your neck of the woods anytime soon.

No worries. If you are hankering to eyeball iSight and the rest of the WWDC announced goodies, you can see them in action via videos at the C|Net News Video Archive site. There are 4 videos that take a look at Appleis new offerings: Two of them, New Power Macs Boast 64-bit Processors and Apple unleashes new Power Mac G5 (both dated June 23, 2003), are clips of Steve Jobsi keynote. Two videos dated June 24, 2003, Apple: New G5s outperforms Windows PC and Appleis new iChat enables video conferencing, take a closer look at the new G5 powered Macs and shows off iChat AV and Pantheris Expose in action.

Of course, thereis good news and bad news when dealing with C|Net News Video Archive: The bad news is that you must have Windows Media Player to watch the vids, which wonit play inside Safari. (Sigh.) The good news is that there is a stand-alone version for OS X that kicks off after a warning pop-up window appears.

Check out the videos at C|Net News Video Archives.