And MacMice Team Up For New Sweepstakes and MacMice have announced a new contest aimed at iChat users, iMPROVE YOUR iSIGHT. The Seeser service is designed for locating online iChat users to communicate with. Winners of the drawing will be eligible for an iSight camera and MacMice SightClips. According to and MacMice:, the premier Internet resource for finding iChat AV users to connect to, has teamed up with MacMice to present the iMPROVE YOUR iSIGHT Sweepstakes.

Effective immediately, visitors that register at Seeseris online forums will automatically be entered into the iMPROVE YOUR iSIGHT Sweepstakes and become eligible to win a free Apple iSight camera and a full set of MacMice SightClips.

The iSight is a new high-end camera with an integrated microphone specifically designed to work on Apple computers using iChat AV. SightClips are the newly designed mounting devices that allow you to mount your iSight on all of Appleis various computers and display units.

The iMPROVE YOUR iSIGHT Sweepstakes ends August 22, 2003. Winner will be drawn from a random selection of registered visitors.

You can find more information about the iMPROVE YOUR iSIGHT sweepstakes at the Web site.