Send DV Over 1,000 Meters With StudioLink is now shipping the StudioLink device for Mac users. The StudioLink is an optical repeater designed for transmitting 1394 data over distances of up to 1,000 meters. This includes DV source data for video projects or other types of media needing high data transfer rates. According to has announced the availability of their new StudioLink device, a 1394/Optical Repeater.

StudioLink converts a compliant 1394 data or video stream to optical signals and transmits via Multi-Mode Fibre, up to 1,000 meters without signal degradation. Connecting an additional repeater on the other end of the link will re-convert the optical signals to 1394. is also offering standard lengths of MMF cable assemblies with SC connectors for use with the StudioLink repeater.

You can find more information about the StudioLink release at the Web site. The StudioLink device is available for US$699.00.