Send Email Photos From Your Handheld

Electric Pocket Limited has released a new version of BugMe! Messenger. BugMe! Messenger is an email utility for handheld computers. The new version now includes the ability to send photos via emails. According to Electric Pocket Limited:

Electric Pocket Limited today announced the release of an enhanced version of BugMe! Messenger, providing users of all Palm Powered handhelds the capability to wirelessly email photographs stored on SD/MMC cards or Sony Memory Sticks.

Users are now able to write captions directly on the digital photographs and send them as "photo messages" to any email address. With built-in support for Kodak PalmPix cameras and IDEO eyemodule-series cameras, and with options for users of both wireless and "sync-only" handhelds, Electric Pocket has opened the doors to widespread adoption of photo messaging as a powerful form of mobile communications.

You can find more information about the new version of BugMe! Messenger at the Electric Pocket Limited Web site. BugMe! Messenger is available for US$19.95.