September 20th, 2000

There are lots of great articles, and some really bad ones, on the Internet. Though we link to all of them at MacOS News Around The Web, some of them deserve special mention here. Most of what we will mention within these pages will be among the best, but on occasion we will talk about articles that are so bad or so wrong we just have to say something. Consider them mini-editorials on our part about things we think you might also be interested in.

Best [4:30 PM] Business Week - Appleis OS X Looks Like a 10
Come on, you didnit expect me to NOT talk about Beta today, did you? I mean, this is the first article for The Mac Observer that I am writing using the Carbonized version of IE 5 on OS X Beta. Yes, faithful reader, I am a happy camper. So far, so good. Got Classic working (after removing some extensions), the interface and Mail programs are smooth, and it is pretty darn stable. Yes, we are VERY happy. This article talks about Beta from the "average" useris perspective, and why somebody that is happily buzzing along with OS 9 would possibly want to switch to OS X. Our favorite quote from the article:

It incorporates several new technologies that will not only make your Mac run faster and more reliably but will simplify computing. Besides, itis really cool -- just what youid expect from Apple. Icons are as sharply rendered as photographs, control buttons throb in soft blue light, and windows donit snap closed -- they fade away.

Yes, it really is wonderful. After a mere few hours of playing, I am again in a state of computing bliss. Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

Best [4:30 PM] Right On Mac!: PC Confessions - All it needs is a second button and a scroll wheel
After being out of our B & W for a few weeks, Right On Mac!is excellent PC Confessions has found its way back to our list. Because it is wonderful again, after not being wonderful for awhile? Hardly. We have been so consumed by OS X, OK, I have been so consumed by OS X, that lots of other stuff has slipped under our radar. This, however, is one of our favorite, and best written columns, on the Mac Web. Our favorite quote from this piece:

"Hey check it out, Jan! It works great!" Jake said. "And you can tell which way is up! All it needs now is a second button and a scroll wheel," he smirked.

Ah, young computer geek love. Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

You can find these links, and lots of other links for Mac and Tech Industry stories, at MacOS News Around The Web.