Serial Keeper Update Features Expanded Info Entering

Byrd Soft has released an update for Serial Keeper, bringing it to version 3.2. Serial Keeper is a serial number storage app designed for saving and organizing various serial numbers. The update expanded information entering. According to Byrd Soft:

Byrd Soft is pleased to announce the newest version of itis serial number storage program, "The Serial Keeper 3.2". The Serial Keeper is a program to save serial numbers and information about those numbers.

The Serial Keeper 3.2 brings many improvements to one of the first serial number programs. One of the new features is called "Entry Types", this feature allows a user to setup different types of information. The type of information is unlimited only by the useris imagnition!

You can find more information about the Serial Keeper update at the Byrd Soft Web site. Serial Keeper 3.2 is available for US$10.00.