Serious Math App Update For Educators

Fast Rabbit Software has released an update for Master the Facts Multiplication, bringing it to version 1.5.Master the Facts Multiplication is an educational math app designed to be less entertaining, and more instructive. The new version has minor performance enhancements. According to Fast Rabbit Software:

This program was made in direct response to teachers asking for math software that was more educational than entertainment. Master the Facts Multiplication 1.5 is a no-nonsense approach to aiding students in learning their multiplication facts.

New in this version: Player may now print multiplication facts chart available by choosing FACT CHART from the INFO menu. NAME field on final score screen now automatically receives cursor. Splash screen titling updated.

You can find more information about the Master the Facts Multiplication update at the Fast Rabbit Software Web site. Master the Facts Multiplication 1.5 is available shareware for US$9.95.