Server Database Viewing Utility Gets An Update

MacSOS has announced an update to SyBrowser, which provides database table overviews on different types of servers. Version 3.1 introduces new features and increases the price. According to MacSOS:

SyBrowser is a suite of 32-bit Macintosh and Win32 ODBC client applications that provide an overview of the tables in Sybase and MS SQL databases hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers. It allows the execution of SQL queries against these RDBMS and the query results can be exported to disk. Complex queries can be saved to disk for reuse.

Changes in version 3.1

  • New "Admin" tab. This tab displays information on all database users, the current user, and processes currently running.
  • New colour syntax highlighting code.
  • Fixed badly wrapping text in cells that have a lot of text
  • You can now click "Create SQL Query" button when just a table is selected to insert the string "select * from Table".
  • Price increased to US$45

SyBrowser is available as US$45 Shareware. You can find more information about it at the MacSOS Web site.