Service Pack 1 for Office 2004 Fixes Security, Bug Issues

The Macintosh Business Unit of Microsoft Corp. announced Tuesday the release of Service Pack 1 for Office 2004 for Mac OS X that addresses potential security issues and a variety of bugs. The update is available via Officeis AutoUpdate feature or from the companyis Mac Web site.

Microsoft said the update is the largely the result of customer feedback in identifying a variety of problems.

"Our customers who use Office for Mac every day are a valuable resource because they put the product to the test in real-life scenarios that expand on our experiences in the lab," said Scott Erickson, group product manager for the Mac BU at Microsoft. "We strive to deliver the best possible product experience through extensive testing and by gathering customer feedback. This helps us determine issues to address within a service pack and prioritize which improvements will make the most difference."

Microsoft did not detail the exact security issues or bugs that were fixed in the Service Pack.

Many of the problems found were quickly identified and sent to Microsoft developers via the Microsoft Error Reporting Protocol (MERP), which is built into Office 2004, and reports problems anonymously, the company said.

In addition, Office X and 2001 users may also visit the Microsoft Mac Web site to receive new security updates and bug fixes specific to their product versions, the company said.