Seven New Screenshots Of Marathon Rubicon

The good folks over at Marathon Rubicon have announced that seven new screenshots have been released and are on display for your viewing pleasure.

Marathon Rubicon is a 3rd party developement by fans of Bungie Softwareis Marathon series of first person shooters (FPS). The screenshots are the first to be released since the announcement of the mod on February 7th. Here is a bit on what is coming in this new mod:

Four years in the making, Rubicon is the largest Marathon scenario project ever created. To give some sense of the magnitude of this scenario, Rubicon features:

-360+ new textures
-Over a dozen new characters
-Tons of new scenery
-8 new weapons
-More solo levels than any other Marathon scenario to date

You can find more information at the Marathon Rubicon Web site. To view the screenshots, head on over to and take a look.