Shade 7 Now Shipping

Curious Labs, Inc. is now shipping version 7 of Shade, its 3D modeler and renderer. The new version features support for the English language and numerous new enhancements including support for Illustrator 2D design importing. According to Curious Labs, Inc:

Curious Labs, Inc. has announced that they have released Shade 7 for the US and Canadian markets. Shade is an all-in-one 3D graphics suite for designers, illustrators, and architects. Shade provides intuitive Bezier curve/surface modeling for quick 3D design generation, an integrated set of diverse plugins to detail and complete projects, and a global illumination renderer for radiant imagery.

Shade 7 new features:

  • Intuitive Bezier modeling tools to quickly create curves and 3D surfaces
  • Ability to import 2D Illustrator designs
  • Boolean modeling, Polygon mesh modeling, Auto-smoothing of curves and more to detail projects
  • Metaballs for physics-based modeling and organic natural designs
  • PoserFusionTM, enabling hosting and playback of Poser scenes within Shade
  • IGES5.3 format support for integration into a CAD-based environment
  • Automatic key frame creation with interpolation to automatically animate objects
  • Joint settings, motion settings, and BVH motion support
  • MagicalSketch: draw with 2D lines and 3D solids take shape automatically!
  • ShadeExplorer allows users to visually manage Shade data, files and images
  • TextEffector includes TrueType, PostScript Type 1, extrude and bevel support
  • Hardware acceleration and OpenGL support
  • RoomPlanner for prototyping architectural designs
  • and more...

You can find more information about the Shade 7 release at the Curious Labs, Inc. Web site. Shade 7 is available starting at US$99.00 for the LE version.