ShaderStyle Plug-ins for Carrara 5

Eovia announced the immediate availability of its ShaderStyle plug-in set for Carrara 5 on Tuesday. The plug-in set enhances Eoviais 3D imaging and animation application by adding Anything Goos, Shader Plus, Toon! Pro and Wireframe Pro. Anything Goos is a dirt and aging shader; Shader Plus is a set of lighting tools that bevels models, applies mapped shaders on bone animated mesh, and more; Toon! Pro adds a cartoon-like look to a project; Wireframe Pro performs wireframe rendering and can be combined with ray tracing and GI rendering.

The plug-ins are also compatible with Carrara 4 and higher, as well as Carrara 3D Basics 2. Eovia ShaderStyle is available for download at the Eovia Web site, and is priced at US$99.