Shane Anderson, EvangeList "List Dad," Arrested

Shane Anderson, the list dad of the Mac EvangeList, has been arrested and charged with unauthorized computer access and criminal mischief of the third degree. The arrest occurred in Iowa on Friday, following a complaint by business associate Carl Blake of Macquarium fame. A Wired News article goes into detail:

Blake said Anderson had been invited to Iowa to discuss setting up a nationwide Macintosh-oriented ISP. Blake said he allowed Anderson to stay at his home, provided him with free office space and hosted the Mac EvangeList on one of his computers.

But after 2-1/2 months of free board and lodging, Blake said he finally asked Anderson to leave.

"I threw him out," Blake said. "He stayed here 2-1/2 months and he paid for nothing."

Blake said after evicting Anderson, he locked some of his luggage and computer equipment in his office.

Blake said shortly afterwards he caught Anderson trying to remotely crack into his computer. He alleged Anderson attempted to retrieve the Mac EvangeList database. Blake complained to police, who seized Andersonis computer in early May.

An interview with Anderson, conducted in June, quotes him as referring to Blake as "a compulsive liar to the extreme" and a "slick con man." Anderson also denies the complaints and alleges that Blake had kept all his equipment when he was evicted. The article also details previous complaints about Andersonis behaviour over the last 18 months, including incidents surrounding his "Mac EvangeList World Tour."

Andersonis bail is set at $5,250, and he is still being held at the Black Hawk County jail. You can read the article in full at Wired News.